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Thursday, February 26, 2009

BAM! Snow!

So yesterday Isaac was at school thinking, "here we go again, just another day at school". Then all of a sudden BAM! Snow! and just like that, in the blink of an eye (if you happen to take 2 hour blinks) there was 6 inches of fresh snow in Bellingham. Luckily, there wasn't too much studying to be done that night so an opportunity arose. Pictures once again courtesy of Rhys "tomahawk".

For your listening pleasure

We just thought that we would place this music player on the blog for all you followers out there that might enjoy some tunes when viewing. If there's any tracks that you'd like to hear while viewing feel free to leave a comment and we'll throw the song up for you. Enjoy

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Awww... yes

So we went out to the bay on Friday and it was amazing. It was the first sign we had seen that spring is just around the corner. It was 50 degrees out with sunny skies; what better way to start warming up for the season. Rhys "tomahawk", friend and upcoming photographer, also came out to shoot some photos of us. Here's just a glimpse of some of his work and to see more check out

Monday, February 16, 2009

Just boardin around

Bryce on the chairlift

Isaac on the C

Waiting in traffic to go skim

Met up with Logan

Tony's bro Drew (way to go on your first blog

rough day (man down)

So this weekend was President's Day weekend (aka 3-day weekend/V-day weekend) and it was full of just boardin around. Saturday, Isaac met up with Bryce to hit up Snoqualmie for the morning and it was a blast. After some hours of countless rotations and jibs on the mountain, it was time to hit the beach. Packed up the truck and headed to a new skim spot Bryce had just found and also met up with DB team rider Logan. Next day, we all (Tony, Isaac, Bryce, Emile, Drew, Dakota) headed out to Dash Point to try and get some skimmin in. Unfortunately, "the man" showed up and laid down the law about bringing boxes and rails to the beach so the session was cut short. At least Tony had enough energy to make it back to the car without a

Friday, February 6, 2009


Just as we promised, here it is, for your viewing pleasure! The very 1st Bunk Buddy production! Tell your friends and Enjoy!

-Tony and Isaac

1st Video Post Coming Soon!

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, our 1st video post is being processed and will be up soon! Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another man down...

The Perpetrators.

So a week later (ankle feeling better), we went out to skateboard and Tony goes down hard. Another man down...